If its seeds, fertiliser, ag chem or any other product you require for your cropping needs, the team here at Peadon Rural have the knowledge and experience to steer you in the right direction.  We have a full range of chemicals for all situations, whether it is weeds or insects. Working closely with product suppliers and manufacturers ensures we are up to date and informed with regards to new products, stock availability or shortages, label changes, and forthcoming price changes.  From broad acre cropping enterprises through to golf greens, recreational parks and home gardens, we can provide you with expert advice and the right products to achieve outstanding results.  Below are some of our trusted partners when it comes to cropping.

  • Peadon Rural has access to a broad product range that includes bulk solids, crystalline solubles, custom blend formulations, organic blends and soluble nutrients. All products undergo stringent quality control procedures to ensure they meet the highest industry standards.
  • Peadon Rural can assist you with product selection, application rates and technical information.

For more information regarding weeds that are prevalent in your area within Queensland, we recommend this handy Weed Identification Tool.


·       Adama Australia

·       Agrichem

·       Ag Solutions Australia

·       Bayer CropScience

·       Dow AgroSciences

·       DuPont

·       Eco Growth

·       Incitec Pivot Limited

·       Koch Fertilizer

·       Nufarm

·       Selected Seeds

·       Stoller

·       Sumitomo Chemical Australia

·       Syngenta Australia

·       Terrafirma

·       Terranova Seeds

·       Top Croppers


Agronomy Technical Advice from CRT

Tech Update Spring 2014:

·       Tailoring weed solutions

·       Controlling forage brassica pests

·       Conserving summer rain and soil nitrogen

·       Preparing for your spring/summer cropping program

·       Season-long flystrike protection


Tech Update Winter 2014:

·       New 3 way broadleaf weed control

·       Wider IPM benefits in horticulture

·       Maximise your canola yield with new chemistry

·       Getting the best out of your grass weed herbicide


Tech Update Autumn 2014:

·       Broadleaf weed control

·       Maximise your yield potential

·       Aphid control in horticulture

·       Getting crops into the ground faster

·       Increase knockdown effect on Annual Ryegrass


Tech Update Summer 2013:

·       Management of sucking pests

·       Effective disease control and resistance management

·       Broadleaf weed management

·       Insecticide resistance in Australian Diamondback Moth

·       Conserving summer rain and soil nutrients

·       Advancements in adjuvant technology


Tech Update Spring 2013:

·       Improve the calving pattern to improve your bottom line

·       Step ahead in your drench program with Sequel®

·       Extinosad® Dead fast, dead easy

·       Avenge® kills lice and protects against re-infestation

·       The emerging cattle drench resistance problem


Tech Update Winter 2013:

·       eNtranch™ nitrogen stabiliser

·       Successfully controlling Diamondback Moth (DBM) in canola

·       In-crop double knock a winner on bifora

·       Clearfield® Production System revolutionises weed control options

·       Issues about adjuvant quality


Tech Update Autumn 2013:

·       Increase yields with inoculants

·       Phosphorus mobilising bacteria

·       Seed treatments – a changing ball game

·       New products provide pre-emergent control options

·       Post emergent weed control